Thursday, August 4, 2011


I can count on my fingers the number of days we have left in Minnesota before our big move to Georgia.


These words just begin to describe the flood of emotions I have about leaving the comfortable closeness of living near my family and friends to travel to the peach state with my wonderful husband of 2 months.

I am looking forward to our adventure with great anticipation, but that doesn't make saying goodbye easy.

I am going to miss my mom's hugs and home cookin'.  I will miss my dad's shoulder rubs and seeing him search the house for his lost glasses and hearing aids.  I will miss that rambunctious little Willow.
I will miss my siblings.
Miss my nephews.
Miss my friends.

Y'all better be saving up your money for gas and plane tickets. ;)

In mere days I will be living down in the Georgia mud after never leaving the beautiful lakes of Minnesota for more than 3 weeks.  

I may not look like a southern belle, but my home is where his boots are.