Friday, April 20, 2012

Army Reconnaissance Course Graduation

Jake has graduated from his final course here at Fort Benning!  
(Please excuse my use of cell-phone pictures.  We will be investing in a new camera soon!)

There was a lot of music as part of the ceremony.  They showed this music video (which of course I cried at the end of...)

Then they played this song:

After all the names were announced, the graduating class sang (or more so shouted) this song:
The Armor Song
The Army is a team that tackles any job that's tough, but when the land is 
rugged and enemy is rough, Who do they call to make them say "I quit, I've had enough!"?
Nobody but the ever rolling, 
Hit them again and keep on rolling,
Nobody but the ever rolling ARMOR!

Finally, we all sang the Army Song together:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


We took a trip to Savannah over Easter weekend and had so much fun, I just had to share some pictures with you. 

We stayed in historic downtown, so the first day we spent walking around, shopping, eating and visiting historic landmarks there.

At The Distillery, across from our hotel
Never been in a shop that smelled this good.  We tried the praline they are so famous for.
At Fiddler's Crab House on the river. (note dripping butter on chin) ;)
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Guess we should have taken a picture of the sign instead of me because I don't remember what this monument is for...
I can't remember what exactly we 'learned' at this monument either, but we took a picture because we knew Ike (Jake's little bro) would appreciate it. :)
It was a little chilly walking along river at night, so we bought this awesome touristy sweatshirt which we used the next day on Tybee Island to identify what the fishermen were catching off the pier.
The second day we went to Tybee Island (only about a half hour from Savannah) to soak up some sun!
On the pier watching the fishermen
No shark fishing, people.
At Uncle Bubba's, Paula Dean's restaurant!
Mmmmm, sweet tea!
Jake got her famous fried chicken.  He claims it was the best he's EVER had.
Outside her restaurant, there was a cute little boardwalk.  It was romantic (despite the obnoxious Georgia bench). :)
If you ever get the opportunity to visit Savannah, do it! :)